Dong Duck Graduate University, Seoul. South Korea. 

Masters in Fine Arts

Dec. 2002



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A Study on the Expression Image of Conception in an Ordinary life


  LeeJung Im  /  Major: Fine Arts 

  Prof. Shim, Hyeon-Sam  / Supervisor   



  This is a practical thesis which depicts what the provided works are all about and what the materials and methods of them are, on the ground of the works that have been displayed for my graduation with the called “Where there is a life” at KwanHoon Gallery in Seoul last June, 2002.

  I create as the theme of the works the specific images of concrete forms which I always desire to remember out of plenty of images intermittently occurring to me in my daily life. And I also come to grope for some possibility that is capable of freely expressing the creative world of fine art which is composed of harmony with abstract backgrounds. This is why I researched the method of expression in which concrete and abstract styles in fine art works, which are incompatible, were united into my works.

  My lovely daughter always close around me, beautiful flowers, a cross standing for sacrifice and love and so forth are the themes of my works.

  The choice of color, the value of color, texture, and the expression of an abstract image by object make the theme more remarkable by controlling visual effects as backgrounds. Furthermore, I practically confirm that, by properly mixing water with acrylic color, a duplicated effect of color resulting from the depth of color, brush-working, an intentional change of Matiere and so forth will obviously be able to express the soles and functions revealing as the formative sense of fine art.

  In the body of my thesis, I describe more concretely what I briefly point out above. Additionally, I enumerate according to the contents the introducing process of the concrete form of image, which is the theme of my works, the forming background of an abstract space, the colorful characteristics of my works, an abstract space and the harmony of concrete form. Finally, I explain and analyze the creative aspects and the method of production of the works through illustrations.



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