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The harmony of human and nature

Nature is the foundation of life. In my paintings I express people’s emotions and thoughts through human body movements and configurations. People have unique form and feelings throughout the passage of time. I attempt to paint people with moderate shapes, colors and brush strokes. By combining the two matters, a sprout and the human body, I manifest the harmony of human and nature.

Artist Note

Painting is expressed by life experience and your inner world which harmonizes together with artistic language to select from various methods. In this burning hot Arizona, I found the hidden secret among dried trees and cactus. It was the life itself. It may look dried and dead but it was alive, moving and spinning inside continuously.

Main theme of this exhibition is the feature of human being who lives in perfect harmony with sprouts and cactus. I was able to read many things even from small movements of people. And I tried to express their mind and thoughts with color, matiere and various brush strokes.

Today, I am trying my best in order to fulfill the mission which is to pass the love of Jesus Christ through my painting.




HOMEArtistArt WorkPhoto Gallery

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