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Leejung Im /


Education : Dong Duck Graduate University, Seoul. South Korea. 

                             Masters in Fine Arts March 1999-2002.

                 Dong Duck Women's University, Seoul, South Korea. 

                            BA. Fine Arts, Match 1989-1993


Experience : Art teacher, self employed 

                  Flower Arrangement teacher


Solo Exhibition :  

               2017 The 7th Solo Exhibition( Bupyeong Art Space , Busan.)

              2012 The 6th Solo Exhibition( Wee Gallery of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ.)

                  2010 The 5th Solo Exhibition( Wee Gallery of Fine Art, Scottsdale, AZ.)

                  2008 The 4th Solo Exhibition( Smoky Hill Library, Colorado)

                  2004 The 3rd Solo Exhibition(Coex Mall Gallery, Seoul)

                  2003 The 2nd Solo Exhibition (Ye Moon Gallery, Seoul)

                  2002 The 1st Solo Exhibition (Kwan Hoon Gallery, Seoul)


Prizes Winning :

             Grand Prize, The 9th Christian Grand Art of Korea

                                 (Dong Duck Art Gallery)

             The 12th Public Contest for Art world (Seoul Art Center)

             The 6th The Committee of The NA HYE SEOK Grand Art Festival

                                 for The Women Artists (GyongGiDo Culture & Art Center)

             The 1st Korea Art Exhibition for the Women Artists

                                 (Sejong Center for the Performing Arts)

             DanWon Arts Competition 2000 (Special Hall for DanWon Arts, Ansan)

             The 10th Christian Grand Art of Korea (Chosun Newspaper Gallery)

             The 15th Korea Art Exhibition (National Museum of Contemporary Art)

             The 4th Festival des Beaux-Arts Modernes de Kwan-Ak

                                             (Anyang Culture &Art Center)

             The 25th The Exhibition of the Creative Fine Arts Association

                                            (Seoul Metropolitan Museum of Art)

           The shemer art center's state wide juried print competition

                            (Shemer Art Center ,2011)


Group Exhibition : ( not a complete list)

             Mokhaw Exhibition ( Seoul Art Center)

             Undulations of Water (The National Assemble Building,(Insa Art Plaza Gallery)

             2003 New Place- Plaza Early Spring Exhibition (Insa Art Plaza Gallery)

             The Center Exhibition ( Seoul Gallery)

             Christian Artists Exhibition (Rev. Kyung-Chik Han's 100th Birthday                                     Commemoration, Youngnak Church)

             Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh -Foundation Exhibition (Yihyung Gallery)

             Nation peace Unification of South and North Korea Exhibition

                                    (Seoul Woman's Plaza)


Present :  A member of the Korea Fine Arts Association

               A member of Chunggu (Seoul) Fine Arts Association

               A member of Environment Fine Arts Association

               A member of Christianity Fine Arts Association

               A Member of the Korea Arts Association of Arizona

               The invited Artist of Christian Artists Mission



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C.P. 010-3559-3029   leejart01@gmail.com