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"Oil Painting"

자연과 인간의 조화, oil, 21"x 26"

서로 다른 장소, oil, 44"x 64"

spring,oil,     sold

어느 날 오후, oil, 18"x 20.5"


Sun flowers in a glass vase, oil, 16"x20"


Still life, oil , 12"x12"


flowers in a glass vase , oil, 18"x 24"

a movement , oil & acrylic, 30"x40"

A cute flowerpot, oil on a board, 17.5"x15.5"

Oil, a movement, 30"x10"


    a movement of light , oil, 21"x 25.5"


Oil , Violet with vase , 21"x28.5"


Oil painting, rose with blue vase, 13"x21"


roses in a vase, oil, 18"x 21"


spring flowers , oil, 18"x21"


tiny roses , oil, 12.5"x 12.5"


two flowerpots , oil, 12.5"x12.5"

yellow flowers ,oil, 12.5"x 12.5"


yellow flowers in a vase, oil, 12.5"x 12.5"

Yellow flowers, oil, 21"x25.5"


어느 날 오후, oil, 10"x10"


행복한 시간 ,oil & oil pastel, 9.5"x 13"


Spring flowers, oil, 16x20




oil painting 17.5"x21.5"

girl who is reading the book

oil painting 17.5"x21.5"

woman with flower

oil painting 17.5"x21.5"

woman in the big hat















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